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As the PBC marks the successful completion of a number of projects that are bringing new resources, opportunities and jobs to our communities, we are offering contracting or professional services opportunities to Chicago area businesses.

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Date Due Description Type Status
11/15/2010 Environmental Consultant ServicesCategory A, B, and C PS1852 RFQ Past
11/15/2010 Traffic Study Consultant ServicesPS1853 RFQ Past
11/08/2010 Commissioning Authority ServicesPS1854 RFQ Past
11/07/2010 Multi-Agency Guaranteed Energy Performance Contracting ProgramPS1900 RFQ Past
10/27/2010 Physical Security and Risk Assessment Consulting Servicesfor the PBC Video Surveillance Program RFQ Past
10/12/2010 General Construction WorkUpcoming Projects RFQ Past
09/07/2010 Back of the Yards High SchoolSite Preparation RFQ Past
07/15/2010 Security System Integration Servicesfor OEMC Camera Infrastructure Program PS1836 RFQ Past
07/02/2010 Fraud Hotline, Case Managementand Investigative ServicesPS1781 RFQ Past
07/01/2010 Insurance Brokerage ServicesPS1826 RFQ Past
05/05/2010 Design Architect for Landscape and Site Design Services – PS1806 RFQ Past
05/04/2010 Construction Management At-Risk Services forWilliam Jones College Preparatory High School – PS1805 RFQ Past
04/07/2010 Architect of Record Services for Addition and Renovation of Facilities – PS1799 RFQ Past
03/17/2010 General Construction WorkUpcoming Projects RFQ Past
01/07/2010 Architect of Record Services for William Jones College Preparatory High School RFQ Past
12/16/2009 General Construction Work for Five Projects RFQ Past
12/15/2009 Abatement & Demolition, Site Preparation and Site Development ContractorsUtilizing the Job Order Contracting System RFQ Past
11/30/2009 Construction Material Testing & Inspection Servicesfor Various Projects RFQ Past
11/30/2009 Survey Servicesfor Various Projects RFQ Past
11/23/2009 Environmental Consulting Servicesfor Renovation/Demolition Projects RFQ Past
11/20/2009 Commissioning Authority Servicesfor Various Projects RFQ Past
10/15/2009 Diversity Program Compliance and Monitoring Services for Michael Reese Hospital Complex RFQ Past
08/17/2009 Comprehensive Digital Construction Document Printing Services RFQ Past
08/13/2009 General Construction Work for Schools and Comfort Stations RFQ Past
07/28/2009 Geotechnical Consultant Services RFQ Past