Minority Business Enterprise / Women’s Business Enterprise


As a steward of public funds, the PBC implements an economic sustainability program for each project it takes on that includes bid incentives for the employment of apprentices, and minority and female workers; community hiring and resident workforce requirements; and contract provisions that require minority- and women-owned business participation and local business participation. The PBC’s minimum goals for participation by certified firms on its projects are 26 percent for MBE firms and 6 percent for WBE firms.

All projects undertaken by the PBC are closely monitored to determine compliance with MBE/WBE goals for the project. Failure to carry out the commitments and policies set forth in this Program constitutes a material breach of contract and may result in termination of the Contractor or such other remedy.

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Rights and Responsibilities

The PBC is committed to client service and strong stewardship of public resources. We make every attempt to ensure transparency in our contracting process. Contractors are critical in ensuring that the project is delivered to our client agency in a timely and cost effective manner. Contractors and their subcontractors are encouraged to work collaboratively to establish expectations with regard to on-site performance and critical time sensitive milestones related to projects. To further assist vendors in recognizing their rights and responsibilities on important project related matters, this letter is sent to all new subcontractors and suppliers on every new project. Download the Compliance Brochure for additional information.


Certified contractors eligible for MBE/WBE credit must be certified by the City of Chicago or Cook County at the time bids are awarded. The PBC encourages vendors to maintain their certification throughout the projects.


Compliance Department Contact Information
(312) 744-6000