Playlots Program

nixon campus
Nixon Campus Park

Replacing outdated and damaged playground equipment with new, safe and interactive recreational environments was part of a collaborative effort by the Chicago Public Schools and the Public Building Commission.

In accordance with Mayor Richard M. Daley’s wishes to create play settings that help children develop both physical and social skills, in 1999 the PBC began work on a four-year, $10.2 million plan to construct playlots at 87 schools.

The PBC began a special initiative to take advantage of volume pricing and discounts by purchasing playground equipment in bulk. This cost-saving process also ensured that equipment was available more quickly for each playground. The equipment is colorful and challenging.

Another valuable facet of the plan provided for possible business opportunities for minority contractors and community residents. The PBC, along with Target Group Inc. and Boyle and Associates, developed the Minority, Women and Small Business Capacity Partnership Program in order to create additional opportunities for emerging minority contractors and community residents. As a result, seven firms were pre-qualified and were the sole bidders for the entire playlot program.

Project Locations

William W. Carter School

Davis Developmental Center Playlot

Elizabeth Peabody School

Avalon Park School

Matthew Gallistel Language Academy

Mahalia Jackson School

Rudyard Kipling School

Hiram H. Belding School

George T. Donoghue School

Marcus Moziah Garvey School

Amos A. Stagg School

Herbert Spencer School

William G. Hibbard School

Nathan R. Goldblatt School

George W. Curtis School

James Whistler School

Alice L. Barnard School

George Armstrong School

Garrett A. Morgan School

Richard E. Byrd Academy

Emiliano Zapata Academy

William E. Dever School

John H. Hamline School

Ignace Paderewski School

George M. Pullman School

William T. Sherman School

Ira F. Aldridge School

Henry R. Clissold School

Julia Ward Howe School

Everett McKinley Dirksen School

Eugene Field School

Joseph Jungman School

William Augustus Hinton School

Elihu Yale School

Orville T. Bright School

John Barry School

George W. Tilton School

John W. Cook School

Portage Park School

George Rogers Clark School

Beasley Academic Magnet School

Paul Revere School

Joseph Brennemann School

J. W. Von Goethe School

John C. Haines School

Lowell Elementary School Playlot

Francis Parkman School

Edward Jenner Academy of the Arts

James Weldon Johnson School

Thurgood Marshall Middle School

Foster Park School

Vernon Johns Middle Academy

Thomas Jefferson School

Josiah L. Pickard School

Songhai School

Joyce Kilmer School

Mildred I. Lavizzo Elementary

Arthur Ashe School

Eliza Chappell School

Robert Healy Elementary School

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn School

Ralph H. Metcalfe Academy

Morrill Math & Science Specialty Sc

Ernst Prussing School

Beluah Shoesmith School

Sojourner Truth School

John Greenleaf Whittier School

James G. Blaine School

Louis J. Agassiz School

Thomas Drummond School

Rosewell B. Mason School

James Madison School

Walt Disney Magnet School

James B. McPherson School

Abraham Lincoln School

Francis M. McKay School

A. Philip Randolph Magnet School

Daniel R. Cameron School

Greeley Elementary School Playlot

Smyser Elementary School Playlot

Wadsworth CPC Playlot