Chicago Department of Transportation Capital Program – Alleys (Various Locations) – Package 1

The Public Building Commission of Chicago (PBC) has invited all Contractors to bid on PBC Contract C1607, Chicago Department of Transportation (“CDOT”) Capital Program – Alleys (Various Locations) – Package 1.

The CDOT Alleys (Various Locations) – Package 1 Projects are located at:

  • Belle Plaine – Project No. 22356A – (Ward 47)
  • Roscoe/Clark – Project No. 22356B – (Ward 44)
  • Waveland/Troy – Project No. 22356C – (Ward 33)
  • Hollywood/Hermitage – Project No. 22356D – (Ward 40)
  • Glenlake/Paulina – Project No. 22356E – (Ward 40)
  • Wilson/Sunnyside – Project No. 22356F – (Ward 33)
  • North Shore/Artesian – Project No. 22356G – (Ward 50)

The projects include reconstruction of alley sewers, subgrade and pavement utilizing “Green” construction materials and methods implemented by the City of Chicago, full depth alley pavement reconstruction of City of Chicago alleys. In addition, the Work includes proper handling and disposal of onsite material, portland cement concrete base course, hot-mix asphalt, surface course, sewer and drainage structures, sewer cleaning and televising, vortex restrictors, concrete curb and gutter, concrete sidewalks and ADA Ramps various depths, concrete driveways, concrete garage aprons, concrete alleys, premolded rubber speed humps, permeable concrete block pavers, bedding & void opening aggregates for permeable concrete block pavers, geotechnical fabric, topsoil, and hydraulic seeding..


  • Book 1 Instructions to Bidders may be found here.
  • Master Bid Form (Revised via Addendum No. 1) may be found here.
  • Plans and specifications, including any Addenda issued for the above-referenced project may be found here: Cross Rhodes Print & Technologies
  • The list of Assist Agencies who will have access to complete sets of drawings and specifications can be found here


On Thursday, April 11, 2024, PBC will host a Non-Mandatory Virtual Pre-Bid Meeting at 10:00 a.m., and a Non-Mandatory Virtual Technical Review Meeting at 10:30 a.m. on ZOOM virtual meeting platform.  

To join click on the link or call the number below:

    • Meeting Link:                                 CDOT Capital Program – Alleys (Various Locations) – Package 1
    • Meeting Phone Number:                312-626-6799
    • Meeting ID:                                     811 2910 6143
    • Meeting Passcode:                        None required

Subcontractors and suppliers are encouraged to attend.

Pre-Bid/Tech Review Materials:

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  • Addendum No. 1 issued April 12, 2024 for CDOT Capital Program – Alleys (Various Locations) – Package 1 (C1607) can be obtained by clicking on the following link: Addendum No. 1.


Sealed bids shall be received electronically by James Borkman, Director of Procurement and the Public Building Commission, Richard J. Daley Center, 50 West Washington, Room 200, by 11 a.m. Tuesday, May 7, 2024. A Public Bid Opening, streamed on the PBC YouTube channel, will immediately follow at 11:00 a.m.

Please refer to Book 1 Instructions to Bidders, Submission of Bids, for further instructions.

Bid Tabulation: 

  • Bid Tabulation will appear here

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Video will appear here following bid opening

All questions regarding this contract must be submitted in writing to James Borkman, Director of Procurement, Public Building Commission, 50 West Washington, Room 200, Chicago, IL 60602. Questions may be emailed to

Public Building Commission of Chicago
Mayor Brandon Johnson, Chairman
Ray Giderof, Acting Executive Director

Office of Inspector General Complaint Hotline
If you see corruption, fraud, waste, or dishonest practices of any kind please report it to the City of Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG) – PBC’s oversight body. Concerned employees, contractors, consultants, and members of the public may contact OIG via its independent hotline and website.

Telephone Reporting: (866) IG-TIPLINE (866-448-4754).

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