Virtual PBC Annual Board Meeting with limited in-person participation

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Second Floor Board Room
Richard J. Daley Center
50 West Washington Street

Board Material

Board Actions

Services: Environmental Engineering
Project: Dett Elementary School Annex
Company: Environmental Design International, Inc.
Amount: $124,920.00
Details: PS2060E-001
Services: Environmental Renovation/Demolition
Project: Pershing Road Capital Improvement Projects ( Center)
Company: Carnow Conibear & Assoc., Ltd.
Amount: $69,408.00
Details: PS2061D-001
Services: Environmental Renovation/Demolition
Project: Sauganash Elementary School Annex (Current)
Company: Carnow Conibear & Assoc., Ltd.
Amount: $276,591.20
Details: PS2061D-002
Services: Environmental Renovation/Demolition
Project: 25th District Police Station and Area 5 Garage
Company: Specialty Consulting, Inc.
Amount: $61,620.00
Details: PS2061F-001
Services: Environmental Renovation/Demolition
Project: Central Hearing Facility
Company: Verde2 Environmental Solutions, LLC
Amount: $74,502.00
Details: PS2061H-001
Services: Construction Material Testing & Inspection
Project: Decatur Classical School Annex &  Renovations
Company: Interra, Inc.
Amount: $2,871.00
Details: PS2065E-003
Services: Geotechnical Investigation Services
Project: Taft Freshman Academy
Company: GSG Consultants, Inc.
Amount: $16,488.00
Details: PS2062C-004
Services: Surveyor Services
Project: Dett Elementary School Annex
Company: DB Sterlin Consultants, Inc.
Amount: $28,500.00
Details: PS2063B-001
Service: IT Services: Server Migration and Maintenance
Project: PBC Administration
Company: Synapse
Amount: $0
Details: PS1996-006
Approval of Formulation Request
Project: FY 23 New Near South High School
Details: Formulation Request in the amount of $5,000,000
Project: CDOT WPA Street Reconstruction (Medill Avenue) Project
Company: Sumit Construction Co., Inc.
Amount: $1,471,092.50
Details: C1603
Election of Chairman and Officers
Details: Chairman, Lori E. Lightfoot

Secretary, Mary Pat Witry

Assistant Secretary, George Marquisos

Treasurer, Arnold Randall

Assistant Treasurer, Tanya Foucher-Weekley

Terms are for one-year, until September 30, 2023

Details: Approval of the Public Building Commission’s 2023 Administrative Budget.
Details: Approval of the Richard J. Daley Center 2023 Operating and Capital Budget.
Commissioner Appointment
Name: Arnold Randall
Appointment: Commissioner of the PBC
Term End Date: September 30, 2027