Lake View High School Renovation

4015 North Ashland Avenue

As one of the City’s oldest neighborhood high schools, the physical appearance of Lake View High School has changed considerably since the school’s opening in 1874. Fire destroyed the entire structure in March 1885. The new, larger school opened just a year later, and in 1898 a four-story addition was added. In 1916 a five-story building was erected, and another section was added in 1939. Lake View High School now covers a full city block. A campus park was added in 1997, and STEM upgrades were made in 1998 and 2013. The school is now undergoing extensive renovations in the gymnasium, cafeteria, kitchen, servery and common areas.

The PBC recently completed the installation of an artificial turf field with surrounding walking track, new play structure and reconfigured parking lot. This project also includes roof replacement, masonry restoration, interior painting and corridor floor repair, as well as renovations to the gym, library, cafeteria and kitchen.

“Schools are vital community anchors for students to learn, discover and explore, and the PBC is proud to preserve the history of this building while modernizing it for students today. The work we are doing, to make this old school new again, is great for the neighborhood and for the present and future students of this school.”

– Carina E. Sánchez, PBC Executive Director

Lake View’s turf field opened in time for the fall 2018 sports season.

This is the newest of several PBC projects at Lake View High School; previously the PBC managed the school’s renovations in 1991 and 2013 and the construction of its 1997 campus park.

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