Board Meeting – August 09, 2016

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Second Floor Board Room, Richard J. Daley Center, 50 W. Washington Street

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Other Actions
Action: Convey 1852 South Albany Avenue to CHA
Details: Consideration of approval of a request from Chicago Public Schools for the Public Building Commission to convey property located at 1852 South Albany Avenue (former Pope School) to the Chicago Housing Authority.
Date: 8/09/2016
Action: Undertaking Request Thomas Hughes Children’s Library Renovat
Details: Consideration of approval of an Undertaking Request from the Chicago Public Library for the Thomas Hughes Children’s Library Renovation Project at the Harold Washington Library Center located at 400 S. State Street.
Date: 8/09/2016
Action: Convey 5411 West Fullerton Ave. to City of Chicago
Details: Consideration of approval of a request from Chicago Public Schools for the Public Building Commission to convey property located at 5411 West Fullerton Avenue (current Hansen Park School property) to the City of Chicago in Trust for the Use of Schools.
Date: 8/09/2016
Change Order Approved
Project: Dunne Technology Academy Modernization Scope B
Address: 10845 S. Union Avenue
Contractor: Old Veteran Construction, Inc.
Amount: 53966.01
Reason: Multiple see below
Contract Number: C1566a
Date: 8/09/2016
Notes: Differing Site Conditions, Other, Error or Omission.
Project: Canty Elementary School Annex
Address: 3740 N. Panama Avenue
Contractor: Friedler Construction Co.
Amount: 61427.03
Reason: Error or Omission
Contract Number: 1568
Date: 8/09/2016
Professional Services Contract
Project: Edward’s Elementary School Annex & Renovation
Address: 6045 S. Karlov
Contractor With: ECS Midwest, LLC
Amount of Contract: 90206.00
Contract Number:
Date: 8/09/2016
Services: bKL Architects – Design Architect
Project: Whitney Young Branch Library Expansion & Renovation Project
Address: 7501 S Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
Contractor With: BKL Architecture, LLC
Amount of Contract: 0.00
Contract Number: PS2080
Date: 8/09/2016
Architect of Record Named
Project: Thomas Hughes Children’s Library Renovation Project
Address: 400 South State Street
Architect of Record Named: Gensler
Notes: Consideration of approval for the Public Building Commission to accept the contract assignment of Gensler Architects from the City of Chicago.
Date: 8/09/2016
General Contractor Named
Project: Faculty Room Renovation & Intercom Repair Project Wildwood
Address: 6950 North Hiawatha Avenue
Contractor Named: Robe, Inc.
Contract For: 63491.00
Date: 8/09/2016
Contract Number: 1573
Contract Amendments
Project: Wildwood World Magnet School
Contractor Named: Ilekis & Associates
Notes: This amendment is for additional architectural and engineering services required to accommodate client directed changes associated with the conversion of a faculty work room in the new annex to a classroom space, repairs to the intercom in two rooms in the existing building, and relocation of exterior security cameras.
Amount: 8740.00
Contract Number: PS2001-A3
Date: 8/09/2016