Retrofit One

Multiple Locations

The PBC worked with the Chicago Infrastructure Trust to oversee the Retrofit One program, a component of Retrofit Chicago. This citywide initiative upgraded city-owned buildings to be more energy efficient without using taxpayer dollars. 60 public buildings—police stations, libraries, community centers and other facilities—received 114 energy upgrades, increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.


  • Covers more than 5 million square feet of space
  • Guaranteed to reduce annual utility consumption by $1.4M, or an estimated 18% annually
  • 114 energy conservation projects:
    • Lighting
    • HVAC upgrades
    • Digital controls
    • Building envelope weatherization

Overall stats:

  • CO2 elimination equivalent to removing 2,896 cars from the road
  • 1,500 occupancy sensors installed
  • 29,000 light bulbs replaced
  • 36 new or upgraded Building Automation Systems installed
  • 35 buildings added to Global Building Monitoring System



Multiple Locations
Ward 1: Albany Park