Graeme Stewart Campus Park

4525 North Kenmore Avenue

The Campus Park site improvement is a 1.8 acre site. The old playground equipment set, the existing asphalt surface and the street closure of Kenmore Street will be demolished in order to provide an open field with green space at the site. It will consist of the following amenities:

  • Artificial turf,
  • Landscaping with shade trees,
  • Playground equipment for ages 2-5
  • Playground equipment for ages 5-12,
  • Trash compactor,
  • Ornamental lighting,
  • Ornamental fencing,
  • Benches and
  • Trash receptacles.
4525 North Kenmore Avenue
Ward 46: 03
Architect of Record:
The Architects Enterprise, Ltd
General Contractors:
Old Veteran Construction, Inc.