PBC Adopts Aggressive MBE/WBE Plan for Construction Contracts

Bryant Payne, Public Building Commission, (312) 742-0878

The Public Building Commission of Chicago’s Board of Commissioners today revised a special condition in their construction contracts that will increase Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Women Business Enterprise (WBE) participation goals from 24 percent to 26 percent for MBE’s and from 4 percent to 6 percent for WBEs.

The move follows an ordinance proposed by Mayor Emanuel and passed by the city council in February 2016 that extended the city’s Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise Construction Program and increased its goals. With the Board action’s today, the PBC has adopted the city’s program goals for construction projects and expanded its participation until December 2020 with an interim review.

“The PBC has been consistent in its commitment to ensure that our partners with which we work are as diverse as the communities that make up Chicago,” Felicia S. Davis, Executive Director of the Public Building Commission (PBC) said. “History has shown that the minorities and women are underrepresented in the construction industry and we want to ensure that the PBC continues to build MBE and WBE participation in our construction projects.”

Since 2011, the PBC has completed nearly $1.9 billion worth of capital construction projects in the city and surrounding areas. Projects completed in 2015 total more than $143 million. These projects have achieved MBE participation of 32 percent or $46 million and WBE participation of 10 percent or $14.5 million for a total MBE/WBE participation of 42 percent or $60.5 million.

The PBC’s contract provisions encourage the employment of minority and female apprentices, journey workers and laborers which has increased access to work opportunities for traditionally underutilized populations of the local labor force. In 2015 alone, 3,754 people earned more than $32 million in wages and benefits working on PBC projects.

To be considered a MBE or WBE, the firm must be 51 percent or more owned or controlled by a minority or a woman.


About the Public Building Commission: The Public Building Commission of Chicago manages construction and renovation projects for the City of Chicago and its sister agencies. Mayor Rahm Emanuel serves as the PBC’s chairman. Felicia S. Davis serves as the Executive Director of the PBC. Additional information about the PBC and its projects can be found at www.pbcchicago.com. You can also follow the Public Building Commission of Chicago on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Flickr.