Mayor Daley and Chicago Park District Officials Join Community Members to Celebrate Opening of Marquette Park Playground

Mayor’s Press Office 312-744-3334

Mayor Richard M. Daley, Chicago Park District Superintendent Timothy J. Mitchell, Alderman Lona Lane (18th Ward) and Public Building Commission Executive Director , Erin Lavin Cabonargi join members of the Marquette Park community today to celebrate the expansion of the Marquette Park Playground, 6743 South Kedzie Avenue.

At more than 300 acres, Marquette Park is one of Chicago’s largest and oldest parks. It features dozens of programs for children, adults and seniors including golfing, cheerleading, special recreation sports, afterschool programming, dance, football, woodcraft and more.

“”t’s vital to have recreational spaces in all areas of the city so our children can stay fit and enjoy themselves outside away from video games and the television. An active body leads to an active mind,” said Mayor Daley.

“We know that investments into these types of capital improvement projects – new beach houses, parks, schools, libraries, police stations and fire houses serve as the foundation of our city that instill pride for our residents which will serve generations for years to come,” added the Mayor.

The 19,600 square foot playground expansion is a welcome addition to the park. The additions feature new playground equipment with rubber surface for children aged 2-5 years-old and a separate play area children aged 5 -12 years-old.

The new features also include a drinking fountain, new landscaping with shade trees, additional lighting and benches.

Construction on the playground was managed by the Public Building Commission.

“The Public Building Commission, in partnership with the Chicago Park District, incorporates best practices to bring our projects in on time and under budget, so we can be good steward of the public fund, and bring wonderful amenities like Marquette Park Playground online for communities throughout Chicago,” said PBC Executive Director, Erin Lavin Cabonargi.

The play equipment is surrounded by soft surfacing and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act to be accessible to children with disabilities.

“We are happy to provide this playground to this very active community. More than just a colorful play area, this playground will contribute to the growth and development of those who use it,” said Timothy J. Mitchell, Chicago Park District General Superintendent.

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