General Contractors Show in Great Numbers for Inaugural PBC Connection Session

For Immediate Release
May 7, 2024
Bryant Payne – Public Building Commission,
Director of Communications

(312) 742-0878

Chicago – The Public Building Commission of Chicago (PBC) was thrilled to host their inaugural ‘Connection Session’ an innovative platform focusing on connecting the PBC’s talented pre-qualified general contractors and pre-approved Job Ordering Contractors (JOC) firms with established or up and coming minority and women business enterprise firms, subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers. Event photos here

The standing room only groundbreaking event, hosted at Malcom X College, aimed to bridge the gap between established industry players and emerging talents. By facilitating connections and partnerships, the PBC sought to further promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the construction sector.

“The ‘Connection Session’ represents a pivotal moment in PBC’s commitment to diversity and collaboration,” Ray

Giderof, PBC’s Acting Executive Director said. “We believe that by bringing together prequalified general contractors and pre-approved JOC firms with established or up and coming minority and women business enterprise firms, subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers, we can catalyze new opportunities and drive positive change in all Chicago communities.”

The ‘Connection Session’ (speed dating concept) fostered meaningful connections, partnerships and created avenues for fruitful collaborations. Through open dialogue and shared vision, participants had an opportunity to explore avenues for collaboration and innovation, laying the groundwork for future projects that reflect the rich tapestry of Chicago.

“We invited stakeholders in the construction industry to join us in this transformative endeavor,” Giderof said. “Together, we can build a more inclusive and vibrant future, where every voice is heard, and every talent is valued.”

Five enrolled or recently graduate students from Dawson Technical Institute of Kennedy-King College attended the event and had an opportunity to meet all participating contractors. Four were extended career opportunities.

“The expertise and perspective that gathered for this event plays a pivotal role in Chicago’s infrastructure,” Giderof said. “These students gave themselves an opportunity to expand their burgeoning careers. While all participating companies afforded themselves a unique opportunity to explore potential partnerships that can drive mutual success.”

About the PBC: The Public Building Commission of Chicago manages construction and renovation projects for the City of Chicago and its sister agencies.  Additional information about the PBC and its projects can be found at You can also follow the Public Building Commission of Chicago on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.