Whitney Young Branch Library Environmental Remediation And Construction

Event Details

There will be a public meeting on Tuesday, October 12. 2010 at the Whitney Young Branch Library, 7901 South Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, Chicago, IL 60619 5:00pm to 6:30pm.

This meeting will address cleanup of parcels adjacent to the existing library to enable future construction of a new “state of the art” library. It is the intent of the Public Building Commission of Chicago to apply for a U.S. EPA Brownfields grant on each of three parcels of land as an aid in cleaning up the affected parcels. A copy of the grant proposal is available for public review and comment at the Public Building Commission of Chicago, 50 W. Washington Street, Room 200, Chicago, IL 60602. A description of the planned cleanup, and tentative will be presented at the meeting. Interested parties are encouraged to attend.


Public Notice