Employment Intake Session – Retrofit One Program

Event Details

Olive-Harvey College
South Chicago Learning Center

3055 East 92nd Street

  • How can I apply for the positions available through the Retrofit One Program? Those interested in working on the Retrofit One Program should attend one of the community intake sessions.
  • Do I need to attend all four sessions? No, you do not need to apply at all sessions. Once you have applied at one session, your information will be stored and will be available to the ESCO Teams.
  • What kinds of jobs are available through this program? The ESCO Teams are looking for skilled trade workers and non-construction related staff. We anticipate a demand for (low and line) electricians, pipefitters and carpenters.
  • What do I need to bring to the community intake session? Please bring a COPY of: (1) photo identification (driver’s license or state ID), a resume (if available), and a copy of your union card, certifications and/or credentials (if available and/or applicable). Copies will not be made on site.
  • If I applied at a community intake session for a previous PBC project, do I have to apply? Yes, those interested in working for the Retrofit One Program should attend one of the community intake sessions.
  • Can I apply online? No, you will need to attend one of the community intake sessions to apply for work related to the Retrofit One Program.
  • Will the PBC be hiring for the Retrofit One Program? No, the 3 ESCO Teams (Ameresco, Inc., Schneider Electric Buildings Americas, Inc., and Noresco, LLC) are responsible for hiring. The Public Building Commission does not endorse nor promote any particular candidate for employment or potential employer. Community Intake Sessions.