Change Order Approved

Project: Lincoln Elementary School Annex
Address: 615 W Kemper
Contractor: Blinderman Meccor JV
Amount: $373,919.36 Reason: Multiple see below
Contract Number: C1561 Date: 8/8/2017
  • Weather and Utility Delays
  • Deduct unused Commission’s Contingency
Project: Thomas Hughes Children's Library at Harold Washington Librar
Address: 400 S. State Street
Contractor: Path Construction Company, Inc
Amount: $63,625.82 Reason: Error/Omission/Code Compliance
Contract Number: C1575 Date: 7/11/2017
Notes: Replacement of existing acoustical ceiling tile and existing HVAC diffusers. Other. Revisions associated with clarification to 2-hour fire rated partition requirements at existing partitions enclosing Storage Room 2S-8. Differing Site Condition.
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